Lenovo IdeaPad U260: A Stylish Ultralight Notebook

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Summary and Conclusion

Overall, we liked the ultra light Lenovo IdeaPad U260 for its stylish design, gorgeous LCD screen and respectable set of hardware features. We found little to really fault in the device. Our biggest complaint is that Lenovo sacrificed battery life to get to the U260's 3 lb. weight. And if you had to hard-reboot, the lack of a removable battery may (or may not) cause issues should the machine crash and leave you at the mercy of the power button alone. The sluggish touchpad was also a bit of a bummer, but not a showstopper, and was mitigated by additional functionality in the form of multitouch features, so we could live with that.

The unique 12.5" size is by far the notebook's biggest selling point, as it really does feel like a bigger machine when working on spreadsheets, or watching a movie. It's $899 price tag is also fair in this class of notebooks. If you have a serious need for gaming, this type of machine is not your best choice but you knew that. It is a good choice for someone who splits time between office work and light travel and wants a single device for both. It is also a nice home user mobile PC that can turn heads at the local coffee shop.  When it comes down to it, we would definitely recommend the Lenovo U260 and we're eager to see what can become of this model once infused with Intel's latest Sandy Bridge architecture.

  • Good Performance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Great Styling
  • Thin and Light
  • Gorgeous Screen

  • Non-Removable Battery
  • Sluggish Multi-Touch Touchpad
  • Minimal Configuration Options
  • Bloatware Laden

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