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The Leadtek WinFast GeForce3 TD
A Reference Design With Attitude...

By, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
June 27, 2001


Throughout all of our testing, we used the recently released nVidia reference drivers, v12.41.  We installed the drivers provided by Leadtek to briefly test their proprietary WinFox software and Speed Runner overclocking utility.

Drivers, Features, Screen Shots and Demos
nVidia's GeForce3 brings more features to the table...




If you take a close look at the above screenshots, you'll see that they are cut off at the bottom. This was actually a minor bug we experienced with the included drivers.  To capture images like these, we simply hit our "Print Scrn" button and paste the data into an image editor.  However, when we did this with the drivers included with our Leadtek card, the lower half of the images were scrambled.  When we used the nVidia reference drivers, this problem went away.  The advanced driver options were identical to the reference drivers...we won't bore you with screenshots of those!

Leadtek's WinFox utility not only gives you the ability to monitor hardware conditions like temperature and voltage, but gives you quick access to your display settings via an icon in the system tray.  Leadtek's Speed Runner utility allows for easy overclocking...

Our particular card was a decent overclocker.  We were able to easily hit stable core and memory frequencies of 225MHz and 520MHz respectively.  We've had our card for a relatively short time.  With a little more time to tweak and test, we suspect a higher overclocked speed may have been attainable.


The GeForce 3 chip powering the Leadtek Winfast GeForce 3 TD, brings with it a slew of new features and advances.  Higher levels of visual quality and speed are brought to you courtesy of Pixel and Vertex shaders, a better FSAA method and a revamped memory subsystem.  We've gone more in-depth into these new features in our previous review of the Gigabyte GA-GF3000D.

We've also already posted quite a sampling of screenshots showing off the high quality images the GeForce 3 is capable of producing.  Here a few of them to refresh your memory...

AQUANOX                                                                               DRONEZ

A few screenshots of Echelon with FSAA (1024x768x32) enabled are also in order...

NO FSAA                                                                                2X FSAA

Quincunx FSAA                                                                       and 4X FSAA

The GeForce 3 is capable of these high quality images with very high framerates.  With the introduction of newer 3D chipsets, we're inching closer and closer to photo-realistic 3D animation on our desktops!


The Board Itself...


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