Dell XPS 13 Review Late 2015: Refreshed With Skylake

3DMark Cloudgate & Far Cry 2

Next, let's examine the graphics potential of the new Skylake chip.  The Cloudgate test is aimed at entry-level PCs and laptops, and has two subtests: a processor-intensive physics test and two graphics tests. We run the test suite at its default 1280 x 720 resolution and at default rendering quality settings. Keep in mind that 3DMark Cloud Gate scores aren’t comparable to scores from say, 3DMark Fire Strike (gaming PCs) or Ice Storm (smartphones and tablets).

Futuremark 3DMark Cloud Gate
GPU Benchmark

xps13 3dmark cloud gate

As expected for a graphics test, we find very little variance between builds where SpeedShift is concerned.  What's clear though is a drastic improvement over Broadwell's HD Graphics solution.  That is a 15% increase for those keeping track.  This still won't be capable of playing today's top titles, but it is more than capable of tackling any less-intensive games with relative ease.

FarCry 2
DirectX Game Benchmark

Sure, Far Cry 2 has been around the block for a few years but it is still a fun game and a good test for entry-level PC's and ultrabooks alike.  It features high quality textures, complex shaders, and dynamic lighting to create a rich and immersive environment.  More importantly, it includes an exceptional benchmarking tool.  We run the benchmark at 720p and 60Hz on the "High" detail preset with DirectX 10.  It is a great yardstick to see just how far integrated graphics solutions have come.

xps13 far cry 2

With Far Cry 2, the Late 2015 XPS 13 puts up some truly impressive numbers.  This actually pushes ahead of the Core i7-6500U powered Lenovo Yoga 900, granted they share the same Intel HD Graphics 520 solution and Far Cry 2 is not very CPU intensive.  Again, the XPS isn't going to rival any gaming grade laptops like its big brother XPS 15 can, but that doesn't stop it from putting up a fight.

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