Intel VIIV vs. AMD LIVE!

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Performance Comparisons with NHL 06

NHL 06
Although many gaming enthusiasts are hardcore FPS or MMORPG fans, nearly all of us have a sports title kicking around under our desk. EA's NHL series has always been one of the top sports titles in terms of graphics quality and can be surprisingly taxing on a system's hardware. For our testing purposes, we chose to play an exhibition match between Detroit and Toronto. Here, all details were set to "high" and the resolution was set to 1024x768.


Once again, the two platforms offered nearly identical performance with less than 3 fps separating the two systems. Here, each platform managed to provide more than 30fps and gameplay was smooth and fluid in each case.  

Performance Comparisons with Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth

LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth
Somewhat similar to Command and Conquer, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth provides some spectacular visual effects and solid graphics. Here, we chose a skirmish on the Fangorn Forest level between Gondor and Mordor. In this case, the resoluion was set to 1024x768 and the detail setting was set to "medium".

In this test, the Intel platform enjoys a nearly 5 fps advantage over the AMD platform. Regardless of the fact that we are still looking at average framerates which are below 30fps, we did not encounter any issues with performance glitches or stuttering and gameplay remained fluid and even on each platform.

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