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AMD LIVE! In-Depth

Similar to Intel's Viiv, AMD's LIVE! branding is a certification for the presence of a particular combination of hardware and software. However, to AMD's credit the LIVE! specification is more thorough and detailed with regards to these features. Taking a look at the chart below, we can clearly see AMD's criteria for LIVE! is more complex than Intel's criteria for Viiv. 

AMD's LIVE! Specification

One glimpse at the chart above and it is clear that AMD is serious about ensuring a positive experience for AMD LIVE! users. In addition to meeting the same loose criteria Intel requires to be Viiv-capable, AMD goes on to make specific hardware recommendations for memory, graphics, optical drives, and more. Beyond performance, AMD even goes so far as to recommend a power supply with a low-rpm fan as they realize noise can be as equally damning as poor performance when a system is in the living room, where the ambient noise can be extremely low. In addition, such notable requirements as needing 1GB of memory or more and having a requirement for both USB and 1394 Firewire ports prove that AMD LIVE! is an initiative which was designed around the consumer.

In addition to the software which the system vendor bundles with the machine, AMD offers a wealth of free software on their website for AMD LIVE! users to download which will take advantage of their hardware and maximize their multimedia experience.

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