Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 & 975X Express Chipset: 65nm is Here

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KribiBench v1.1

Next we ran Kribibench, a 3D rendering benchmark produced by the folks at Adept Development.  Kribibench is an SSE aware software renderer.  A 3D model is rendered and animated by the host CPU, and the average frame rate is reported.  We used two of the included models with this benchmark: a "Sponge Explode" model consisting of over 19.2 million polygons and a gargantuan "Ultra" model that is comprised of over 16 billion polys...

Kribibench v1.1


Intel's and AMD's current flagship dual-core processors performed best in the two Kribibench tests we ran. In the demanding, but less-taxing, "Sponge-Explode" test, the Athlon 64 4800+ posted an impressive 4.47 frames per second, outpacing all others by a heft margin. When rendering the monstrous "Ultra" model though, the Pentium Extreme Edition 955 was the fastest of the bunch. It's margin of victory of .063 FPS was much smaller than the Athlon's, however.

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