Intel i925X and i915G Architecture, Pentium 4 560 and 3.4GHz EE - The LGA775 Debut

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UT2004 Bot Match CPU Test & Overclocking

Unreal Tournament 2004
DirectX Gaming Performance

Next, we did some benchmarking with Epic's Unreal Tournament 2004.  Like the other in-game tests, we used all "Low-Quality" settings with UT2004 to isolate CPU and memory performance.

Here in Unreal Tournament 2004, we see almost a repeat of the same spread in the field, that we saw in the AquaMark test.  The Athlons steal the show and the fastest Intel based gaming rig is the 3.4 EE/i875 combo by a hair.


Overclocking The P4 EE and P4 560 in LGA775
Can I get an Amen?!

Our overclocking experience with the new LGA775 based Pentium 4s, was as we expected, fantastic.  With the thermals we were observing early on in testing, we expected to hit new heights with the Pentium 4 using standard air cooling.  The following tests were performed using Intel's stock LGA775 heat sink that came with our test kit.


Pentium 4 EE 3.4GHz
Overclocked at 3.9GHz and DDR2 610MHz


Pentium 4 560 3.6GHz
Overclocked at 4.05GHz and DDR2 600MHz

We were able to achieve 3.9GHz stable on the P4 EE 3.4GHz chip and 4.05GHz stable on the P4 560 3.6GHz chip.  This again was achieve with standard air cooling on an open air bench setup.  The Extreme Edition chip's core voltage was set to 1.675V and the P4 560 was set to 1.475V, to achieve full stability and the scores we took above with Sandra. 

The P4 560 shows a 10% jump in performance, going from its stock 3.6GHz speed to 4GHz, which correlates with its 10% increase in clock speed.  The P4 EE shows a 13% gain in performance from a 15% gain in clock speed, however.  As you could surmise from this quick analysis, the P4 560's Prescott core benefits more significantly from higher clock speeds.  4GHz is where this core wants to go and it seems like a very real possibility in the not so distant future.

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