iBuypower Chimera 4SE FX Ultimate: AMD Gaming PC

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Power Consumption and Noise

Although power consumption isn’t likely to be a make or break decision for you when buying a system, it doesn’t hurt to know what the system will be pulling from you outlet – particularly because the power draw varies so widely from one line of PCs to the next. We test each review PC by measuring its power draw (at the outlet) when idle, and then again when under load with Prime95 and FurMark running full steam.

The iBuypower Chimera 4SE FX Ultimate has moderate draw at idle, but pulled 637 Watts under load, which is much higher than you'll see with similarly configured Intel-based systems. Even so, the draw is well under what the 1000W power supply unit is rated to handle.

The Chimera can be quite noisy when you have the fans running at full blast, as you likely will when overclocking and gaming, but the noise isn’t anything a good pair of headphones can’t tamp down. And if you want the system to run quietly, all you need to do is slide that fan control at the top.

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