iBuypower Chimera 4SE FX Ultimate: AMD Gaming PC

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Unigine Heaven and Valley Benchmarks

Based on the Unigine game engine, the Unigine Heaven and Valley benchmarks take users through dramatic 3D tours of exotic environments, complete with dynamic skies, tessellation, and SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion).

Unigine Heaven and Valley Benchmarks
DX11 Gaming
Unigine Heaven
Unigine Heaven provides heavy tessellation use and a dynamic sky to stress modern graphics cards. The Valley benchmark, on the other hand, is loaded with vegetation. The benchmark tours a forest thick with flowers, boulders, and rivers. We ran the test at 1920 x 1080, on Ultra Quality and with the Extreme Tessellation option.  

The iBuypower Chimera 4SE FX Ultimate started strong with the Heaven and Valley benchmarks, landing behind only CyberPower’s super-charged Gamer Xtreme 5200 – and even then, by fewer than 5 frames per second in most cases. But keep in mind that the Chimera is sporting two full HD Radeon 7970s to the Xtreme’s single, dual-GPU 7990.

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