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Construction: Upgrading and Maintenance

Construction: Upgrading and Maintenance
A Look Inside...

Removing the bottom access panels gives way to reveal the unpopulated DDR2 SODIMM memory bank and hard drive. The R52 sample we have here came populated with 1 x Micron/Crucial 512MB DDR2 533/PC4200. The hard drive can be accessed by removing the single screw holding the hard drive enclosure in place and then by swinging the enclosure door open. The lid cannot be closed when you remove the hard drive, other wise you are going to damage the casing.


Like the previous IBM designs, you can easily access the keyboard by first unscrewing the four keyboard screws marked by the "keyboard icon" on the bottom of the notebook. Since the keyboard uses an simple interlocking mechanism to hold it in place, you just need to "scoot" the keyboard forward away from the touchpad and lift it out with a flat-head screwdriver. You can also do this with your fingers if you are careful or carefully hold the notebook upside down and unsecure the keyboard. The keyboard connector should just pop out on its own.



Under the keyboard, you can see the other DDR2 SODIMM slot, CPU cooler atop CPU, and the 915GM northbridge. You won't be able to remove the CPU cooler for cleaning unless you hook the entire top casing of the notebook (you also won't have to monkey around with the display in the process).

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