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IBM's products are the time tested gold standard when it comes to the computing needs of business professionals or corporations as a whole. "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM," many say. There is a reason for this reputation; most of it relating specifically to quality and technological features that have been incorporated cleverly into the personal computers offered by IBM.

You've probably already heard of the buyout plan of this part of IBM's business to a China based system vendor called Lenovo, and the gripes and forecasting made by some "industry insiders." For us, that is all just sideline chit-chat. Because, regardless of the sale, as consumers we are a bit more concerned about the products themselves. And regardless of what falls out from the Lenovo deal, IBM branded personal computers will still be here for the next few years, which includes the well known ThinkPad line of notebooks. With that in mind, IBM and or Lenovo are still going to have to woo us (business and general consumers alike) with what people have come to expect from the IBM name.  So with that said, HotHardware will start down the road with IBM's ThinkPad R52.

IBM ThinkPad R52
_Designed for Intel Pentium-M/Intel 90nm Dothan Pentium-M with 2MB On-Die L2 Cache and Intel Celeron-M/Intel 90nm Dothan Celeron-M with 1MB On-Die L2 Cache processors
_Supports 400/533MHz FSB

_Intel 915PM (with ATI GPU) or Intel 915GM (with Intel IGP)/ICH6-M
_Supports maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

_Two 200-pin SODIMM sockets
_Supports DDR2 400/533 Unbuffered Non-ECC memory
_Supports maximum memory capacity up to 2GB

_Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 900
_ATI Mobility Radeon X300 with 32MB or 64MB

Intel ICH6-M South Bridge:
- 1 x ATA 100/66
- 2 x SATA 100/66
- 30GB/40GB/60GB/80GB Ultra ATA HDD (4200RPM or 52400RPM available, 30GB only 4200RPM)
- Optical device (CD-ROM, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Multi-Burner, or Slim Battery pack)

_Broadcom Gigabit Mbps Ethernet
_Intel Wireless 2200BG (802.11 b/g) Wireless Lan or IBM 802.11a/b/g WiFi card
_Bluetooth (optional)
_56K v.92 Fax/modem

_14.1" XGA TFT LCD (native 1024 x 768)
_15.0" XGA TFT LCD (native 1024 x 768)
_15.0" SXGA+ TFT LCD (native 1400 x 1050)

_Compatible with AC'97 2.3
_Built in dual speakers

Dimension and Weight
_~ 12.4" x 10.2" x 1.35" (our sample)
_Starts at 5.8 lbs.

External I/O Connectors
_1 x Power port
_1 x IR window
_1 x Lock jack
_1 x 4-pin mini1394 Firewire port
_2 x PCMCIA slot (1 x Type II PC Card and Type II ExpressCard)
_1 x Modem jack
_1 x Ethernet jack
_1 x microphone jack
_1 x headphone jack
_1 x VGA-out port
_1 x S-video port
_1 x Parallel port
_2 x USB 2.0/1.1

Included Software - preloaded
_Access IBM
_Access Connections
_Adobe Reader
_IBM RecordNOW and IBM DLA power by Sonic products (DVD-RW or CD-RW/DVD models only)
_IBM Rescue and Recovery
_InterVideo WinDVD (CD-RW/DVD, DVD-RW or DVD models only)
_InterVideo WinDVD Creator (DVD-RW model only)
_Norton AntiVirus 2005 with 90 days of virus definitions
_ThinkPad Utilities
_Update Connector

Included Software - downloadable
_IBM Client Security Software
_IBM Director Agent
_Software Delivery Assistant



Measuring in at 12.4" x 10.4" x 1.35", with a weight starting at 5.8 pounds (our R52 sample weighed at 6.12 lbs), the IBM ThinkPad R series is a budget solution from IBM for the mainstream market. But keep in mind, this doesn't mean that it is a value solution. Rather the R series has been centered around a good "all-purpose" profile, with the typical flair for the business user. IBM doesn't do multimedia oriented designs in the same way Dell or HP do, so if you are looking for something of that nature; you should probably look elsewhere. The R series is better suited for the professional or general consumer that needs a well rounded notebook for occasional to frequent mobility. If you are constantly on the go though, look at the T or X series. And the G series is better left to those who need more power.

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