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Performance: CPU and GPU

In addition to using the HTC One X in a variety of everyday usage scenarios, we also conducted some formal performance testing to see how well the device compared to some other smartphones.

CPU testing
Android CPU testing

Graphics testing
Android graphics testing


JavaScript testing
JavaScript Android and iPhone testing


In the Linpack test, the HTC One X outscored all of the other phones we tested in both the singe and multi-thread tests. The dual-core Qualcomm SoC powering this device  offers excellent number crunching performance according to Linpack.

The An3DBench XL test shows the Adrenno 225 GPU in the HTC One X lagging a bit behind some of the other phones, but keep in mind the HTC One X has a higher screen resolution and is doing more work that the other phones. GL Benchmark tells a completely different story. In the Egypt Offscreen test, which levels the playing field by rendering off-screen at the same 1280x720 resolution on every device, the HTC One X clearly outpaces the Galaxy S II and Moto Droid Razr.

In the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, the HTC One X put up the best score we have seen from a smartphone, besting the Galaxy Nexus by a wide margin.

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