HTC Arrive: Sprint's First WP7 Smartphone

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Despite a list of annoyances with obvious-but-not-mandatory features that were lacking, we enjoyed using this phone. Its quirks required the same kind of patience needed to master the Windows desktop. But we grew quickly adept and found the phone did everything we asked of it, and more.

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HTC's hardware met our high expectations. Its vibrant touchscreen was as much a pleasure to look at as it was to use. The phone's camera took nice pictures. As for the operating system, WP7 offered us enough options for customization to make things work, yet didn't require us to build our entire user workspace from scratch. We were able to get our contacts loaded and start playing games almost instantaneously.

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We would easily recommend this phone but for one nagging problem ... it's price. The three phones from HTC offer similar hardware profiles yet cost half the price. Meanwhile, Windows Phone 7 bargains abound, too.

Given the competition, and the fact that there is nothing -- not even Windows Office Mobile apps -- that can't be done equally well on other phones with either superior hardware or lower costs, it is hard to give an unwavering thumbs up to the Arrive.

That said, if and when the price drops to the $100 range, it definitely is great phone for those of you that need a slide-out keyboard.

  • Angled slideout keyboard
  • $199 price
  • 1 Ghz Snapdragon CPU
  • Memory not upgradeable
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Lack of features in included software
  • Battery Life

  • Games and Xbox Live

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