HTC Arrive: Sprint's First WP7 Smartphone

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Performance Testing

The HTC Arrive delivers performance on par with the Dell Venue and the Samsung Focus (all phones based on the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon platform). While we found the phone to be responsive to use, we have to again wonder at the price. Given that the Focus is now selling for about $50 and the Venue for $100 (subsidized prices under contract), we were hoping for a bit more performance in spots.

We also tested the talk-time battery life and the Arrive performed surprisingly well. The literature promises 6 hours, but we found that for talk time it lasted well over 7 hours (medium screen setting, WiFi turned off).  In our WP Bench battery test, the Arrive didn't fair quite as well but this is a worst-case test that exercises the CPU continuously.  Think of it as a multimedia type workload.

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