HTC 10 Performance Review: A Snapdragon 820 Powered Flagship

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HTC 10 Battery Life And Summary

To discern how the HTC 10 compares to other smartphones phones in terms of battery life, we ran it through AnTuTu Tester's Battery test, which is a high-load benchmark that aims to drain the battery in a device as quickly as possible. The test sets the display brightness to high and cranks up workloads for the processor, graphics core, and memory, and runs through a number of real-world scripted workloads as well, including web browsing, gaming and video playback.

HTC 10 Battery Life Testing
Heavy Load And Light Workload Testing
The HTC 10 offered very strong battery life in this test. It didn't hold out quite as long as larger devices, like the Note 5 or Galaxy S7 Edge, which have larger, higher-capacity batteries, but it did outlast the similarly-sized (.1" difference) Galaxy S7. Battery life with the HTC 10 should not be an issue for most users. We should also note, that because the HTC 10 supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology, charging the phone is relatively fast as well. With the included fast charger, you can get a 50% charge while tethered to an outlet for only about 30 minutes.

Our Summary And Conclusion

The HTC 10 is easily one of the more attractive, mid-sized smartphones currently available. Considering their form factor and internal hardware similarities, the most obvious comparison to make is between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10. Though their performance characteristics were somewhat different, overall the two devices traded victories in our tests and offered class-leading performance. When paired to 4GB of RAM and Android Marshmallow, the Snapdragon 820 is clearly a high performance beast. The HTC 10 offered slightly better battery life than the S7 as well, but the camera in Samsung's phone seems to produce better results, at least in auto mode -- we haven't had enough time to experiment with the manual controls on the HTC 10 to see what an experienced photog could do with its 12MP UltraPixel 2 shooter. The selfie camera on the HTC 10 is a cut above, however, thanks to its fast lens and optical image stabilization, if that's your thing. And the fingerprint sensor works great on the HTC 10 as well.

htc 10 smartphone 1
The HTC 10 -- Find It At Amazon

In terms of their design, the Galaxy S7's glitz and glass may be more appealing to some users than the 10's mostly metal construction, but the HTC 10 exudes quality from the moment you pick it up. The rigid uni-body design, and mix of polished and brushed finishes simply feels great in the hand. And the device has just enough heft to feel substantial, without feeling heavy.  The buttons are awesome on the HTC 10 too. We know its a small detail, but the textured power button is a nice touch that we appreciate. Overall, the rigid metal and varied finishes work together very well -- the HTC 10 is clearly well built.

Carrier pricing wasn't available just yet, but we expect the HTC 10 to be priced competitively with the Galaxy S7. If you'd like to pre-order one, sans any carrier subsidies, HTC has them listed for $699 at the moment. That's pricey to be sure, but right in line with competing high end phones.

If you like the idea of a rigid, mostly-metal smartphone, with a premium look and feel, excellent fingerprint sensor, and strong battery life, we highly recommend checking out the HTC 10. This is one heck of a nice smartphone.

 hot  not
  • Excellent Design
  • Quality Screen
  • Super-Fast Fingerprint Sensor
  • Good Camera
  • Strong Battery Life
  • Excellent Audio (Relatively Speaking)
  • OIS On Front Facing Camera
  • Trails S7 In Some CPU Tests
  • No Heartrate Sensor
  • Somewhat Pricey

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