HTC 10 Performance Review: A Snapdragon 820 Powered Flagship

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HTC 10 Design And Build Quality

The HTC 10 features an all-metal, uni-body chassis, with a dual-textured finish, chamfered edges, and contoured back. The overall aesthetic is similar to HTC’s previous flagship devices, but the company has clearly upped its game with this device. The HTC 10 offers a premium look and feel, and inspires confidence in the hand – ever millimeter of this phone feels high-end.

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The 5.2-inch QHD screen on the HTC 10 is excellent. It offers very good viewing angles, it’s bright, and colors are vibrant. It is probably one of the best screens in smartphone today. With that said, colors and contrast on the LCD aren’t quite as vivid or stark as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Super AMOLED display, but the HTC 10’s screen is excellent nonetheless. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and the touch response is top-notch.

Just below the display is the integrated home button, with built-in fingerprint sensor. We have only been using the sensor for a couple of days, but in that time it has worked flawlessly and it is super-fast. HTC claims it takes .2 seconds to register a fingerprint, which is about right in our estimation.

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The left side of the HTC 10 is home to the micro-SD expansion slot. The phone has 32GB of built in storage (23GB is usable out of the box), but can accept micro-SD expansion cards up to 2TB. Other than the expansion slot, there aren’t any other noteworthy features to point out here.

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The right side of the HTC 10 has much more going on. On the right side is a textured power button, a volume rocker, and the nano-SIM slot. We need to commend HTC for the fine details here. The volume rocker has chamfered edges and the textured power button makes it easy to find when blindly grabbing the device. These are minor, but very welcome details. The buttons are also firm and have virtually no-play / wobble whatsoever.

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The top of the HTC 10 houses a 3.5mm headphone / microphone jack, and the bottom is home to a microphone port, a USB Type C jack, and a relatively large speaker grill. The HTC 10 features 24-bit Hi-Res audio and HTC Boomsound tuning. You won’t mistake the sound emitted from the HTC 10 for a larger speaker, but in comparison to other smartphones the HTC 10’s audio output is excellent.

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The back of the HTC 10 has a smooth, brushed finish, with polished chamfered edges. The rear-facing camera protruded from the back slightly and has a polished metal trim-ring. To the right of the camera sensor is the dual-tone flash and laser auto-focus system, and in the separator (above and to the left of the camera sensor) is another microphone port.

Overall, the HTC 10 has a similar look to the company’s previous flagship devices and has a premium feel through and through.

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