HTC 10 Performance Review: A Snapdragon 820 Powered Flagship

HTC 10 General Compute And System Tests

AnTuTu’s latest benchmark returns a number of metrics ranked as scores, rather than frame rates or time to complete. We tested with the latest version of AnTuTu across all platforms including Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. AnTuTu returns four top level performance metric results that we're including here: CPU, RAM, 3D, UX (or User Experience) along with a total score.

AnTuTu And Geekbench
General System, CPU and User Experiential Performance

The HTC 10 put up some interesting numbers in AnTuTu. Its CPU and 3D/GPU performance trailed the Galaxy S7 devices, but its RAM and UX scores are best-of-class.  The UX score in particular is very strong, and mirrors what we felt when using the device -- it just feels fast, with fluid animations and lightweight skinning. When all of the scores are tallied, the HTC 10 comes in with the highest overall score of the pack.

GeekBench taxes only CPU cores in a handset (not graphics), with both single and multi-threaded workloads.


The HTC 10 falls right in between the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in terms of single-core performance in Geekbench. Its multi-core result, however, trailed Samsung's devices by a few percentage points.

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