HP/Compaq TC4200 Tablet PC

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Construction: Upgrading and Maintenance

Construction: Upgrading and Maintenance
A Look Inside...

The display swings backwards on a 180 degree plane and can even go a few degrees lower.


The TC4200 follows a simple layout. Removing the center bottom access panel gives way to reveal the unpopulated DDR2 SODIMM memory bank. This ultraportable doesn't use an embedded memory design, so the theoretical limit is only limited by what the chipset can support (2GB). Beneath the lower right access panel, meanwhile, lies the hard drive.


In order to access the second memory bank, CPU, CPU cooler and miniPCI slot (populated by a WiFi card) you need to remove the keyboard. This can only be done by first unsecuring the plastic bezel protecting the swivel hinge (4 hex screws), unsecuring the plastic bezel above the keyboard (2 additional Philips screws), and then unscrewing and unsecuring the keyboard (4 hex screws). In all, it was somewhat of a challenge to access the hardware below the keyboard. We recommend only those with patience and reasonably good computer skills attempt it.

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