HP Spectre X360 Ultrabook Review: Sleek, Sexy, Convertible

Software and Setup

The software installation on the HP Spectre X360 is relatively clean, with minimal bloat.
start 1
The first part of the Start screen is loaded with the standard Windows 8.1 apps you’d see when doing a clean OS installation, plus a McAfee Central tile, and HP Connected Drive and Connected Music tiles. All of the rest of the tiles visible here are included with Windows 8.1 by default.
start 2
Swipe over to the right and some of pre-installed application are visible. There’s HP Connected Photo, Microsoft Office Trial, a games called Hearts Deluxe, the Netflix app, Intel WiDi controls, the Weather Channel, Bing Translator, and a getting started with Windows 8 tutorial.
The default desktop on the Spectre X360 is completely clean. And most importantly, there was only ONE pre-installed app that actually launched with the system—McAffee LiveSafe. We have to give props to HP for keeping the software installation on the Spectre X360 so clean. We should also mention that there are tangible benefits for setting the machine up this way as well. The Spectre X360 cold boots in under 8 seconds, and resumes from standby faster than you can fully open the lid.

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