HP Omen X 2S Review: A Sleek, Dual-Screen RTX Gaming Beast

HP Omen X 2S Review: Storage And Content Creation

We tested the HP Omen X 2S as it shipped to ensure we get the same out-of-box experience as your average gamer, with the latest Windows updates installed. Many variables can affect performance, so our comparisons should serve as a reference point. Our benchmarking kicks off with storage, CPU, and game-scaling tests to get an idea how the HP Omen X 2S performs in everyday tasks and gaming.

ATTO Disk Benchmark
Peak Sequential Storage Throughput

ATTO disk benchmark provides a quick glimpse into how well the HP Omen X 2S performs in everyday tasks. HP installs a 1TB Western Digital PC SN720, which is a higher-end NVME SSD that promises read speeds up to 3,400 MB/s, 2,800 MB/s writes and optimized for gaming and battery life. The rated performance is close to WD’s more readily available Black SN750 SSDs and uses 64-layer 3D NAND. It utilizes four PCIe lanes of the m.2 interface, too.


Read performance of the WD PC SN720 in the Omen X 2S peaks at 2.85 GB/s, falling short of the rated 3,400 MB/s max read speed.  Write performance peaks at 2.68 GB/s and is much closer to the rated 2,800 MB/s. Regardless, the SN720 is a speedy SSD and the Omen X 2S should perform well in day-to-day use.

Cinebench R15
3D Rendering On The CPU And GPU

Cinebench tests the CPU and GPU independently and provides a glimpse into the system's throughput. The test is based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D modeling software that’s used in movie production studios.

HP%20Omen%20X%202S%20 %20Cinebench

HP’s Omen X 2S manages to beat out the Origin PC EVO17-S, with the same Intel Core i7-9750H, by 5-percent. However, notebook thermals are finicky and despite the Core i7-9750H’s base, turbo and L3 cache advantage, it matches the Alienware M15 with its Core i7-8750H performance, which has a less densely packed chassis. OpenGL performance favors the Omen X 2S by 6-percent versus the Origin PC EVO17-S, too.

Geekbench 4
Single and multi-core

Geekbench 4 is a cross-platform benchmark that simulates real world processing workloads in image processing and particle physics scenarios. We tested the HP Omen X 2S in Geekbench 4’s single and multi-core test workloads.

HP%20Omen%20X%202S%20 %20Geekbench%204

The HP Omen X 2S performance in Geekbench 4 is interesting – it posts the highest multi-core score we’ve seen in a notebook, but single-core performance is within a margin of error behind the Origin PC EVO17-S. This leads us to believe the Omen X 2S can maintain multi-core turbo speeds longer, which is surprising, considering the EVO17-S is a much larger chassis with greater potential for cooling.

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