HP LP3065 30-inch Flat Panel Monitor

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Performance Summary: In terms of performance, the HP LP3065 met our expectations and then some. In both the objective, technical tests and the subjective, real-world tests, this LCD proves over and over again that bigger is better. Not all big things are created equally, though. This is one of only a few panels on the market with a 92% color gamut, and brightness, contrast, and pixel response are all very good.  We are convinced that the LP3065 is one of the best monitors available on the market, especially in its price range.

You may be wondering how the HP LP3065 compares to the Dell 3007WFP-HC, which also features 92% color gamut capability and is based on the exact same LG Philips LCD panel. In terms of performance, the two monitors perform identically. We found the HP LP3065's base to be less sleek than the Dell 3007WFP-HC's base, but the HP's controls provide a much better (more tactile) response. Additionally, we found the HP's input options (three DVI ports versus the Dell's single input) to be more desirable. Both feature USB 2.0 ports, but only the Dell includes a card reader.

If you can afford the $1600-1800 price tag and have the room on your desk, then we seriously doubt you would ever be disappointed with the HP LP3065. It is a superb monitor that tackled every task and test we threw at it, and it looked stunning while doing it. The color reproduction, excellent contrast, uniformity and fast pixel response combined with its enormous screen real-estate, make for a truly outstanding Computer and Multimedia LCD display.  We're awarding this product a HotHardware.com Editors Choice.

.  Wonderfully Large Wide Screen
.  3 DVI input connections
.  Fast pixel response times
.  Vibrant, even colors
.  92% color gamut
.  3-year warranty
.  Pricey
.  No rotation to portrait layout
.  Somewhat clunky base

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