HP LP3065 30-inch Flat Panel Monitor

First Impressions and Construction


First Impressions and Construction
30 inches

The reality of how big the HP LP3065 really is starts to set in when you see how big the box is. In fact, the box weighs around 40 pounds. We can still remember how big our first 20-inch LCD seemed when we unboxed it and set it up on our desk. Setting up a 30-inch monitor gives us that feeling all over again.


When we first sat down in front of the LP3065, we were about three feet away and wondered if we were too close since it's so big. Fortunately, we got used to the size rather quickly. Most of your immediate field of vision in front of you will be absorbed by this monitor as long as you are not sitting too far away, and that's a good thing.

One of the most important aspects about a big, heavy monitor like this is its base. You obviously don't want a $1600+ LCD to feel unstable. In the case of the LP3065, the base is made from heavy-duty plastic and is quite sturdy. We weren't worried at all about the monitor tipping over or the base not being strong enough. The stand weighs roughly 9 pounds while the panel weighs almost 22 pounds, which combines for a weight of around 31 pounds (reminds us of our old 19-inch CRTs). For an LCD, that might sound chunky, but remember this is a 30-inch screen. It's really a very respectable weight.

We were a little surprised to eventually notice that this screen does not rotate to portrait mode like many other smaller LCDs on the market. Desktop publishing junkies might be a little disappointed in this fact. The range of height adjustment is pretty decent, though. HP lists the height adjustability at 5.1 inches, which should be more than adequate for most people in most situations.

To adjust the height, pull the panel up or push it down, and it glides slowly and easily until you stop. Once you push it all the way down, it will lock into place. In order to get it to go back up, you have to push in the button located at the bottom of the stand (see picture above).

Overall, the design and construction of the LP3065 left us rather impressed. The base of the stand definitely isn't a minimalist's design, but we can appreciate its sturdiness. We also appreciate the relatively thin bezel that surrounds the screen.

If you are considering purchasing the LP3065 (or any huge monitor), we highly recommend that you pay close attention to its dimensions and make sure it will fit well in your work environment. Just assuming or guessing and being wrong could leave you with an expensive shipping expense for a return.

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