HP LP3065 30-inch Flat Panel Monitor

Introduction and Specifications

For the average business-class user, extra RAM, a faster processor or a more powerful video card won't necessarily increase work efficiency or productivity. One of the best ways to boost your productivity is to add more inches, of screen real estate that is. If you simply add another monitor or get a bigger one, you can quickly realize the benefits of extra desktop space, like less Alt-Tabbing and more windows open at once.

Although the work efficiency / productivity argument is an important one in the business world, most of us enthusiasts find it somewhat unexciting to think about. We just love having bigger and bigger monitors, especially for PC gaming and watching movies on our computer. We've had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of large LCDs in the HotHardware labs, and today we're going to spend some time with HP's new flagship flat panel monitor, the LP3065.

The LP3065 sports an awe-inspiring display size of 30 inches. A big monitor means a high resolution, and in this case, that resolution is 2560x1600, which is a 16:10 ratio. This monitor is undoubtedly impressive at first glance, but how does it perform? Read through the following pages to find out.

HP LP3065 Flat Panel Monitor
Specifications and Features
Display Size 30 inches
Viewable Area Size 29.7 inches
Display Type Active Matrix - TFT LCD
Color Gamut 92% of NTSC
Depth 9.5 inches
19.3 inches compressed
23.2 inches extended
Height Adjustability 5.1 inches (100 mm)
Swivel -45° to +45°
Tilt -5° to +30° vertical
Width 27.2 inches
Weight (no stand) 21.8 lbs.
Weight (with stand) 30.6 lbs.
Horizontal Viewing Angle 178o (typical)
Vertical Viewing Angle 178o (typical)
Color Support 16.7 million colors
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Response Time
8 ms (grey-to-grey)
12 ms (black-to-black)
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Native Resolution 2560x1600 @ 60Hz (16:10 ratio)
Pixel Pitch (Dot Pitch) 0.250 mm
3 dual-link DVI-D inputs
USB 2.0 (4)
Kensington security port
Typical Power Consumption
118 watts
Max: < 176 watts; Power Saving: < 2 watts

Even if you take a look at the specifications in the table above, it may not be easy to grasp just how big a 30-inch LCD is if you have never seen one in person. At over 27 inches, the width is what can be initially shocking (in a good way of course). We are happy to see that HP went beyond just letting the LP3065's enormity impress its owner; the company also focused on the smaller things too. Specifically, we are happy to see that HP includes not just one but two DVI cables with this monitor. Considering that the LP3065 has three DVI ports, users will be happy that they don't have to go spend even more money on a second DVI cable if they need one.

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