HP LP3065 30-inch Flat Panel Monitor

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Image Quality Testing


Image Quality Testing
Closer look at the LP3065's image quality

We put the HP LP3065 through its paces with Everest Ultimate Edition 2006 from Lavalys. This diagnostic and benchmark tool suite allows you to test many aspects of system features and performance. Everest's Monitor Diagnostics provide a few key test patterns that allow us to evaluate various aspects, such as color accuracy, uniformity and convergence.

Thanks to its 92% color gamut capable panel, the LP3065 displays colors more accurately and vividly then most other monitors we've ever used. The only other one that really matches it is the Dell 3007WFP-HC that we reviewed back in December of last year.


In the Everest testing, the LP3065 produced perfectly straight lines for the convergence and focus tests. There wasn't any distortion anywhere on the screen, which is expected with an LCF.  Some LCDs have problems with uneven color and uneven brightness, however, but the LP3065 managed to display uniform color over every inch of the panel during the solid-fill color tests. We also noticed no dead or incorrectly lit pixels during our testing. After this testing, we're happy to say that this monitor not only looks impressive due to its size, but it also is an impressive performer as well.

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