Smooth Creations Broodling Gaming System

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And The Winner Is...

By now you are probably wondering who the lucky winner of the Broodling is. You may know him as "ice_73", a frequent contributor to the HotHardware forums. Known as Daniel in the real world, he lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a full-time student working towards his MBA. He's been coming to HotHardware on a regualr basis for about five years now and has been active on the forums for the last three or so years.

Daniel has been a computer enthusiast for about eight years and counting. His first computer was a 900MHz AMD Athlon Thunderbird with 256MB RAM, a 40GB hard drive, and a TNT2 graphics card. He affectionately refers to his first system as a "China Town Build"--meaning that he purchased it from a small brick-and-mortar shop that assembles systems from OEM components and then sells the completed systems. The first thing he did with the system when he got it home was to crack it open and look inside. This was the system with which he learned how to overclock.

Daniel says the first thing he is going to do with the Broodling when he gets it is to overclock and experiemnt with 3DMark Vantage.  Then he's going to get busy with
Crysis and BioShock, but promises not to go into a "gaming coma." Daniel also wanted to pass along this message to the HotHardware readers: "I would love to mention HotHardware rocks. And a big thanks to Smooth Creations, CoolIt, and of course Diamond especially for all the upgrades this rig has received. Also I would love to give a shout out to the forum regulars--I'm sure they know who they are--without them the forums wouldn't be as fun a place as they are." Congratulations ice_73!

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