Smooth Creations Broodling Gaming System

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Some Quick Benchmarks


As this article is a showcase of the HotHardware April Sweepstakes system and not a product review, we did not perform extensive benchmarking of the system, nor did we do side-by-side performance comparisons. That said, we did run a couple of quick benchmarks to provide you with reference numbers, with which you can see how the performance of the Broodling stacks up against your own systems. All of the scores reported below were taken with the system running at stock speeds.

 Preliminary Testing with SiSoft SANDRA XII
 Synthetic Benchmarks

The first test we ran was SiSoftware's SANDRA XII SP2, the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. We ran three of the built-in subsystem tests that partially comprise the SANDRA XII suite: Processor Arithmetic, Processor Multi-Media, and Memory Bandwidth.

Processor Arithmetic                 Processor Multi-Media                   Memory Bandwidth

These synthetic, low-level system benchmarks show that The Broodling's performance is on par for its configuration and compares favorably with similarly configured reference systems.

 3DMark06 v1.1.0

The second set of tests we ran were using FutureMark's 3DMark06 version 1.1.0. We ran the full 3DMark test and the CPU Performance module.


Both the 3DMark and CPU scores are in the same ballpark as similarly configured systems running at stock speeds. Overclocked system typically see noticeably higher scores. While the Broodling is capable of being overclocked, we tested it at stock speeds.

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