Gigabyte's G-Max N411

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Construction: The Guts

Construction: The Guts
At the Heart of the N411

We probably won't be disassembling many notebooks in future reviews, because it is generally quite difficult. Aside from tracking where the multitude of 1/4" screws go, and separating them from the numerous 1/2" screws, it takes a lot of time.  And messing with a brand new $2,000+ notebook always has its risks. One slip of the screw driver, and there goes the motherboard.  We have gotten pretty good at taking notebooks apart, however, with or with out instructions (most of the time without). So, we'll take the risk when appropriate...

After you have seen one notebook taken apart, you have seen them all. They all follow the same basic layout and use the similar components: display, keyboard, motherboard, CPU, hard drive, SODIMM memory, WiFi card, etc., whether it is an ultra portable or desktop replacement, albeit in different sizes.


There isn't much to see inside the N411, but this is what the motherboard of the N411 looks like (left to right: motherboard top, motherboard bottom). Notice the SODIMM slot that was not accessible before taking the notebook apart, which is located directly under the touchpad.

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