Gigabyte BRIX Gaming UHD Review With Teardown And Rebuild Action

Final Thoughts on the Gigabyte BRIX Gaming UHD

Gigabyte certainly did their homework to bring the BRIX Gaming UHD to market. It succeeds at delivering favorable gaming performance in a package just barely larger than a milk carton. This machine is well suited for kickback sofa gaming and delivers better visuals than the current crop of mainstream consoles.

gigabyte brix gaming uhd top logo

The BRIX Gaming UHD does not have any glaring flaws, but a couple omissions do have us scratching our heads. First, we would really like to see Thunderbolt 3 incorporated into the Type-C port. Thunderbolt 3 would enable users to connect a graphics dock, such as the Razer Core, for some extra horsepower down the road, among the other expansion benefits Thunderbolt 3 can provide.

gigabyte brix gaming uhd antenna connectors

A lack of SD card reader is a bit easier to forgive here than with a laptop, but we would still appreciate the flexibility. This machine has the performance chops and potential storage capacity to make a great match for photographers. The ability to use four displays out of the box is certainly a plus there as well.

gigabyte brix gaming uhd gpu outputs

Ultimately, the most questionable aspect of this unit is the cost and value. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the price premium that goes along with miniaturization. However, the Alienware Alpha R2 delivers more raw performance with its GeForce GTX 960, also in a very small frame, and for right about the same price. This isn’t to say the BRIX Gaming UHD does not have its advantages, though. The BRIX Gaming UHD offers two SODIMM slots for dual channel memory instead of one, double the drive capacity, and significantly more video outputs.

gigabyte brix gaming uhd front angle

There’s no question in our minds that small form factor systems will be a significant part of the future for desktop PCs, and Gigabyte is on the right track with this system design approach. It is a well developed first generation product which deserves a strong look for your living room need and we do recommend it.

  • Stowaway sized 1080p gaming
  • Full support for 4K 60Hz displays
  • Can drive four displays out of the box
  • Surprisingly accessible interior
  • Supports up to four internal drives
  • Iconic, modern style
  • Included fan is louder than we would prefer
  • No internal card readers
  • GPU could be beefier
  • Pricier than some of the competiton

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