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Battery Performance

Battery Info & Performance
Transitioning Testing to MobileMark 2007

Rounding out our testing, we ran MobileMark 2007 to assess the notebook's overall battery life while running a series of applications through a testing script. 

We are using the standard benchmark settings from Bapco, along with a few other minor system tweaks. The screensaver was disabled and the volume was set at approximately 20%.

MobileMark 2007 utilizes the following applications

* Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0

* Adobe Illustrator CS2

* Adobe Photoshop CS2

* Apple QuickTime 7.1
* Intervideo WinDVD 8

* Macromedia Flash 8

* Microsoft Office 2003 Pro

* Microsoft Project 2003

* Winzip 10.0

The P-6831FX's bulky 9-cell, 7800mAh battery nearly earns its keep in the MobileMark 2007 battery test. It managed to provide about an hour and 48 minutes of battery life, which is fairly respectable for a notebook of this size. Battery life isn't nearly as important for a desktop replacement model like the P-6831FX, but it's nice to see that nearly two hours of battery life is on tap should it be needed. Unfortunately battery life while gaming would be significantly lower, in the sub 1 hour range. The P-6831FX's 120 watt AC power adapter is of an above average size and not very convenient to lugg around, but you'll need it if you plan on gaming for any meaningful length of time.

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