Gainward's GeForce3 Power Pack !!! Golden Sample

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The Gainward GeForce3
Power Pack !!! Golden Sample
Tastefully Selected GeForce3 Goodness

By Dave Altavilla

Massive Development's Aquanox is a gorgeous looking game engine.  AquaMark, the benchmark derived from the game, is a graphics card's worst nightmare.

Aquanox Benchmarks
Marine Frame Rate Races



Aquanox AquaMark is a "torture test" in every sense of the word.  The objective of the test is to totally swamp the graphics subsystem.  You won't see very high frame rates here from any card, including a GeForce3.  Here the Gainward GeForce3 Power Pack !!! Golden Sample performs admirably.  Additionally, at its screaming fast overclocked speed, we see a 10 - 22% performance gain.




DroneZ Benchmarks
Moving right along

Zetha's DroneZ is another DirectX 8 benchmark with all the Pixel Shader features, bells and whistles turned on.  We ran our test in the "GeForce3 Bump" setting with Environment Mapped Bump Mapping enabled.

Here DroneZ is powered well by the Gainward GeForce3 Gold Sample card.  At the overclocked 260 core and 560 memory speeds, we see up to a 17% gain.  Again, this card was stable and artifact free at this setting.



Quake 3 Arena
Not to be forgotten

Who would have ever thought that we would see 100 frames per second at any color depth while at 1600X1200 resolution. 103.7 fps is a full 22% gain versus the 81.7 fps score at stock clock speed.  Again, the Gainward Golden Sample card puts its money where its mouth is.




More Quake3 and The Rating


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