Gainward's GeForce3 Power Pack !!! Golden Sample

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The Gainward GeForce3
Power Pack !!! Golden Sample
Tastefully Selected GeForce3 Goodness

By Dave Altavilla

We should point out that this review was written prior to the release of NVIDIA long awaited Detonator 4 Reference Drivers.  As such, the performance we'll note here is representative of the 12.41 driver release.  You can safely assume that whatever boost the Det. 4 release will generate, it will translate to the same level of performance increase on this GeForce3 as well.

Let's have a quick look at what Gainward's, EXPERTool looks like.  The nicety here is that you can use it with NVIDIA drivers and still have the tool's full functionality.

Installation / Setup Of The Gainward GeForce3 Power Pack !!! Golden Sample
Chomping at the bit





Gainward's EXPERTool has an array of very customizable settings and tweaks.  In top left shot, you'll note we have the clock speeds set to "Enhanced Performance".  This is a modest 220/480 setting for GPU/Memory clocks.  We had a hunch it would handle a little better than that and we were right on.


Overclocking with the Gainward GeForce3 Golden Sample
A new land speed record!


A picture says it all...



It is important to note that yes, we could run totally stable at this speed and without even so much as a single pixel popping or texture flashing.  There were no graphical anomalies that we could see and the board was stable under constant testing.  This performance should be representative of what most Gainward GeForce3 "Golden Sample" cards can produce.  However, as with anything else in overclocking, not all products are created exactly equal.  There are no guarantees in life or in graphics boards.  Our board however, was amazing.


By far this is the most overclockable GeForce3 we have seen here in the HotHardware Labs.


Quincunx AA and DirectX 8 Screenshots - Madden 2002
The Gridiron in 3D


We typically like to include a few screenshots from a leading edge game title, just to have a little fun.  We chose EA Sports' Madden 2002 and we dialed up things in smooth Quincunx Anti-Ailiasing.



The Madden 2002 graphics engine is pretty darn impressive and it looks that way when driven with a GeForce3.  We are inching closer and closer to photo-realism folks.



Let's fire up some benchmarks!




3DMark2001 and Vulpine GL Benchmarks


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