Enlight's BareBones AMD / KT133 System

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Enlight's Bare-Bones AMD / KT133 System
Mid Sized Socket A Athlon Performance

By Dave Altavilla - November 10, 2000

These days, many "build-it-yourselfers" and PC Systems Integrators are looking for pre-configured products that take some of the busy work out of putting together a system.  Hence the "Bare-Bones" package was born.  The premise of a Bare-Bones System is to provide the End User or Systems Integrator, a base product that is ready for customization according to the individual's specific needs.  The base product should have fairly "universal appeal" and be set up for the mainstream user for simple configuration and expansion.

Enlight has been designing, building and marketing Computer Chassis since the late 80s.  What you may not have known is that they also have been building, testing and selling Bare-Bones products for almost as long.  Keeping up with the times and evolution of the PC, Enlight now offers a full complement of ATX form factor Bare-Bones products based on both the Intel and AMD platforms.  This is a Hot Hardware look at a product from their AMD offering sporting a mid sized ATX Case, 48X CD ROM and Gigabyte KT133 Mainboard.

Let's have a look.

Specifications Of The Main Components - Enlight's KT133 Bare-Bones Setup
Gigabyte Motherboard, Enlight Case and LiteON CD-ROM Drive


Enlight's 7238 Mid Tower ATX



Gigabyte's GA-7ZX - KT133 Socket A Motherboard




LiteOn 48X CD-ROM






  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate up to 7200KB/sec (48X)
  • Average access time less than 80 ms (typical)
  • Access all format CD-ROM , CD-R , CD-RW title & disc
  • Advanced Wire Suspension System (WSS)® to reduce vibration & noise
  • Standard ATAPI/E-IDE interface supporting Ultra DMA/33
  • Compliant with MPC level 2 & 3 , PC97 , PC98 , PC99 , PC2000
  • Plug & Play ready ; Emergency manual eject
  • Supporting DOS, Win 3.1/95/98/2000/NT and OS/2 Warp
  • Auto switch speed & auto detect IDE port 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Supporting power saving function



Pretty straight forward stuff here actually.  The case is stylish and roomy with about as much expansion as you could get in a Mid-ATX setup.  Also it should be noted that our KT133 Bare-Bones unit came with a 300 WATT power supply not the 250W unit that is specified for the case normally.  This is obviously because the AMD platform needs some pretty robust power supporting it and Enlight made sure it was in there.


Here are more "candid" case photos for your browsing pleasure.  Try to keep calm here.  ;)


Click images for full viewing





Once again, fairly standard issue hardware.  The case has a solid construction with rounded edges to keep you from bloodying yourself during setup.  The mechanics of the case require you to remove the front bezel in order to then slide the side panel back for access to the inside of the chassis.  We have never been found of this design frankly, however it does work well and the pieces mate together fairly easily.


Finally, there is excellent room for expansion within the drive bays and there is a front mount for an intake fan that can be set up to draw cool air into the system.  That just about covers the case aspect of our unit.  Let's look at the motherboard and CD-ROM drive.


Motherboard Details and The CD Drive Performance


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