Elsa Gladiac 920 Video Card Review

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Elsa Gladiac 920 Video Card
More GeForce 3 Action!

By, Jeff Bouton
October 11, 2001



More Quake 3 Arena
Fragging it up...


This time around we tweaked the card up to 245/555MHz. and let the Timedemo 001 ride in 32Bit HQ mode...



With the Gladiac 920 overclocked, we saw a gain in performance once again over 16% at the highest resolution.  From what we're seeing here, if you want to push past the 1600 x 1200 limit, the Gladiac should do it with ease.


In our next test we'll set Quake 3 up for the more popular 1024x768 in 32Bit Color mode and see how the various AA settings affect the performance.



What we can see here is that Quake 3 is quite playable with the 4X AA enabled.  If you are the type to balk at 69FPS, then Quincunx should be good for you.  Quake 3 looked absolutely beautiful at this setting and the frame rates were excellent as well.


It is clear to see that in all the tests that we performed with the Gladiac 920 GeForce 3, the card had no difficulties whatsoever.  Performance was good in all tests, never displaying an unplayable score.


At the end of this review, I think it is clear that the ELSA Gladiac 920 is a high-quality GeForce 3 based video card.  Throughout the benchmarking phase, the Gladiac met expectations in all tests, performing particularly well at higher resolutions.  What the card lacks in physical flash and panache, it makes up for in performance.  If you are looking for a quality GeForce 3 video card and plan on overclocking it to its maximum potential, then consider a Gladiac 920.  The best part is ELSA's unprecedented 6 year warranty.  If breaks for whatever reason you'll get a new one. Now that's confidence in a product!

We found the quality of the Gladiac 920 equal to similar reference models.  The performance and overclocking potential of this unit was also on the same level as other cards as well.  We found the complete package to be terrific, with nice extras like TV-Out, 3DMark 2001 and Giants - Citizen Kabuto. 

We're giving the ELSA Gladiac 920 GeForce 3 Video Card a Hot Hardware Meter Rating of...

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