Elsa Gladiac 920 Video Card Review

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Elsa Gladiac 920 Video Card
More GeForce 3 Action!

By, Jeff Bouton
October 11, 2001

Quality & Setup of the Elsa Gladiac 920 Video Card Continued...
Very Nice...


Installation of the Elsa Gladiac 920 was as easy as could be expected.  We started with a fresh install of Windows ME and installed the drivers.  The drivers included with the Gladiac 920 were the standard reference 12.41 Detonators, since there were no extra features added to these drivers, we opted to use the latest 21.81 Detonators instead.






Here you can see the 21.81's in all their glory.  Not much out of the ordinary here, the benefits are diplayed in the performance gains over previous driver versions.  So let's move on to some Anti-Aliasing action...


DirectX 8 and Quincunx AA Screenshots
Very Nice...


One of the things we like to do from time to time is to show the differences in quality between the different Anti-Aliasing settings.  Below are several screenshots from "Giants - Citizen Kabuto" to demonstrate the variance in quality with each setting. 










Giants is certainly one of the nicest looking games around.  The scenery is stunning, particularly with AA set at either Quincunx or 4X. 


Now we'll move on to some overclocking before we start running the benchmarks...


Overclocking The Elsa Gladiac 920 GeForce 3 Video Card
Taking it to the limit...

Using the coolbits registry tweak, we were able to raise the core speed from the default 200MHz. to an impressive 245MHz.  The DDR-RAM shipped at a default 460MHz. which we were able to push to an equally impressive 555MHz.  Overall, we were looking at a performance increase of over 20%.  This may not be the highest we've overclocked a GeForce 3 but these gains are very respectable surpassing the default clock speeds of the new Ti 500's.  One thing we must note however, is that the thermal interface material used was in fact Artic Silver compound, since the thermal pad that Elsa applied at the factory, was essentially destroyed, when we went to inspect the junction area between the GPU and the sink.

Benchmarking with 3DMark 2001... 


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