Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook - Video Spotlight

Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook - Video Showcase

Synopsis:  Dell's XPS M1730 is a powerful Desktop Replacement notebook designed with the performance enthusiast in mind.  Sleek styling and custom lighting adorn this beastly, semi-portable machine that weighs in at well over 10lbs.  Gaming and multimedia performance with the M1730 is top notch, with frame rates across its beautiful 17" 1920X1200 LCD holding strong in even the most demanding games and HD content.  Though it's not cheap, the Dell XPS M1730 offers great performance, fantastic build quality and eye-catching good looks. 

A more detailed review can be found here at HotHardware:

*Note system specs and features have been updated for this notebook from Dell since the time of this publication.



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