Dell XPS 15 (9550) Review: Pushing The Infinity Edge (Updated)

Dell XPS 15 User Experience and Software

Thankfully, Dell sets up the XPS 15 cleanly with Windows 10 and virtually zero bloat. You do get 20 Gigs of Dropbox cloud storage free for a year, and Dell’s integrated Support and Dell Shop software, but that’s about it. Another simple utility that Dell does bundle with the XPS 15 is the Dell Premier color app which offers some really nice controls for setting up that gorgeous 4k Infinity Edge display to your liking.

Dell XPS 15 Desktop
The Dell XPS 14 desktop - thankfully virtually bloat-free.

Dell XPS15 Premier Color

There are a few different color gamut presets like Internet sRGB, Adobe RGB and Cinema to choose from, but we really liked the “Vibrant” mode for full brightness and saturation. It's such a simple tool but those preset buttons can be a real time-saver. We'd still like to compare these preset configs versus what our Sypder colorimeter says is the proper color accuracy setting. And we still may look at this in the days ahead as we get more time with this machine. However, If complete accuracy is what you’re after, Dell gives you some valuable tools here to dial things in. 

Dell XPS15 Help And Support

Receiving a system as clean and clutter-free as we did is almost a rarity these days, with plenty of manufacturers still packing in miscellaneous bloat and trialware that's been subsidized by third party vendors. Dell's own system and driver update service runs in the background, along with the PremierColor app and either Dropbox or OneDrive, depending on which you choose to run with, but not much else. Dell's Help And Support software captured here is actually fairly unobtrusive as well, offering reference information for various settings and system maintenance tips, as well as key data for Dell's standard issue Service Tag Warranty and Support service system.

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