Dell UltraSharp 3008WFP 30-inch LCD With DisplayPort

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Performance Summary And Conclusion

Performance Summary:
Though it honestly took a fair bit of coaxing with respect to image and color setup, the Dell UltraSharp 3008 WFP outclassed any 30" panel we've set our eyes on here at thus far.  In addition, due to its on-board image processor, the panel was also the most flexible LCD we've worked with in a long time, allowing crisp image quality at resolutions below its native 2560X1600.  Color spectral capability and contrast performance of the display was also unmatched amongst the 30" panels we've tested to date, including Dell's own 3007 WFP-HC and also HP's LP3065.  In short, the UltraSharp 3008 WFP's overall performance was, (and we shudder at the risk sounding overly exuberant), nothing short of spectacular.


If you're the type of user that is has the need or is seriously considering a 30-inch LCD panel, then you probably have some fairly stringent requirements in terms of performance as well.  In addition, whether you're a workstation professional type, hardcore gamer or enthusiast, you're also going to expect more from a product within the price bracket a 30" screen.  In this regard, the UltraSharp 3008 WFP delivers; it just depends on what you consider to be a reasonable price of admission.  The 3008 WFP will have a retail MSRP of $1999.  This puts the panel well in excess of any 30-inch display on the market today, most of which are weighing in closer to the $1K range.  On the other hand, you most definitely get what you pay for.

The Dell 3008 WFP has the widest array of connectivity options of any 30" LCD we've seen thus far, including the next-generation Displayport interface, which at the very least is a bit of future-proofing insurance.  From dual DVI-D, to Component, Composite,  HDMI, Analog and Displayport, if the source appliance has a cord sticking out of it, you'll most likely be able to hook it up to the 3008 WFP.  In addition, the panel has killer good-looks, as well as image quality, color and contrast reproduction that will impress even professional publishing, content creation users and other similar types of pixel snobs.  For the gamer, the 3008 WFP is an incredible blend of performance and flexibility, offering excellent image scaling performance so you don't always have to run at native resolutions and can enjoy higher frame rates in the process.  Finally, you'll have to remember to have a bit of patience with this new panel, should you get your hands on one.  It certainly did take a fair degree of tweaking to get the panel setup the way we liked it but the good news is, those control options are now all there for you in abundance with this new 30" monster.

It's fairly easy to see we are exceedingly impressed with the new Dell UltraSharp 3008 WFP and as such, we feel more than comfortable handing Dell our Editor's Choice award for product innovation and excellence.


  • Fantastic overall image quality
  • 117% color gamut output
  • Fast pixel response times
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • A plethora of IO options
  • Great new design and stand
  • Expensive
  • Lots of tweaking for setup

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