CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14 Gaming Laptop Review

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CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14 Performance Summary And Final Analysis

Performance: The CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14 delivers the gaming performance you’d expect. It pounded the synthetic benchmarks, putting up excellent scores in the grueling 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme test. It also handled well when the rubber met the road in the game benchmarks. If you want a laptop that can play just about any modern game title at reasonably high settings, the Osiris 14 is worth checking out.

And, importantly, it’s also capable of handling day-to-day computing tasks – so long as you don’t need to be away from a power source for extended periods of time (think 3 hours or so). 

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concludeOf course, the CLX Osiris 14 is meant to be a little more than a gaming system: it’s also meant to provide a touch of luxury. You can most likely get performance in the same ballpark from a less-expensive rig – in fact, CybertronPC has lower-priced systems on the no-frills side of its website. But the CLX line is designed to give you a more luxurious experience than you’ll have at the keyboard of an ordinary laptop, and it succeeds, in our opinion.

The CLX Osiris 14 looks good just about anywhere and we think it will appeal to both mainstream users and hard core gamers. This laptop manages to have a gamer vibe without getting cheesy about it. The CLX Osiris' battery life could definitely be better, but the issue only detracts somewhat from the fact that this machine dominated our benchmark runs consistently. And though pricey at its $1599 configuration that we tested, again, it put its money where its mouth is. You could dial in a more reasonably priced configuration as well, of course. 

We are impressed by the CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14. The laptop’s size makes it very portable and its display is just big enough to make for a solid gaming experience. Though battery life is clearly not its strong suit, the CLX flourishes give the Osiris some of that extra spice that will justify the price tag for gamers from all walks of life.
approved hh
hot  not 
  • Serious graphics and CPU muscle
  • Slick design will appeal
    to adults and teens
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Disappointing battery life

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