CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14 Gaming Laptop Review

CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14 Battery Life And Acoustics

In the following benchmarks we employ two very different battery life tests--Battery Eater Pro and a custom 1080p HD video loop test--to prove out battery life with our test group of machines and the CybertronPC CLX Osiris 14. In all tests, Windows 10 Quiet Hours have been enabled and displays are calibrated with lux meters on pure white screens to as close to 115 lux as possible. For the average notebook this is somewhere between a 45 - 60% brightness setting.

Since notebook displays significantly affect power consumption and battery life, it's important to ensure a level playing field with respect to brightness of the display for battery testing. However, since many notebook displays vary in brightness at each respective brightness setting in Windows, this calibration with the meter is also critical to ensure all displays are set to as near identical brightness as possible before testing.

Battery Life Testing
Heavy-Duty Workload And Light-Duty Battery Life Performance Tests
Battery Eater works all subsystems including processor, graphics, memory and storage in its efforts to exhaust a battery as soon as possible. We have lots of legacy comparison data on this test, so we have a wider swath of numbers to compare to.

The HD video loop test, however, is new for us here, so we're still compiling reference numbers from a variety of different systems and notebook products. 
osiris 14 bep

update3 hh video loop

The CLX Osiris 14 provided an uninspiring runtime in the Batter Eater Pro test, not quite reaching the two-hour mark. That’s certainly not the worst score we’ve seen in this test, and it handily beats the similarly-equipped Asus ROG Strix in this category.

Interestingly, the ROG Strix turned things around in the Video Loop test, offering 220 minutes of runtime to the CLX Osiris 14’s 166 minutes. The CybertronPC system may be a solid performer when it comes to gaming, but you’ll need to be tethered to a power outlet if you plan to play for long.

As for noise, the CLX Osiris 14 is quiet. When the laptop is idle, noise isn’t an issue at all. Once you give the laptop something to chew on, the fan kicks in and the system develops a low hum. But even at load, the laptop’s emitted noise level never bothered us. Let’s put it this way: We didn’t think about the noise during benchmarking (when the laptop was stressed) and only noticed it when we set out to determine whether it was loud. Unless you’re very sensitive, the CLX Osiris 14 is a relatively quiet machine.

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