CyberPower Trinity Xtreme Gaming PC Review: 'Unique' Is An Understatement

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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Performance

Monolith’s surprisingly fun Orc-slaying title delivers a ton of visual fidelity even at the lowest quality settings. So, to maximize eye candy while still maintaining a playable framerate on the CyberPower Trinity, we ran the game’s High quality benchmark configuration here at a couple of resolutions, topping out at 4K, or 3840x2160 to be exact, for the sticklers out there...

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Performance
Glorious Orc-Slaying Vengeance

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

The CyberPower Trinity Xtreme makes Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor playable at any resolution, even with the quality set to High. If you have a 4K display and want to run the game at the monitor's native resolution you'll need to settle for just under 60fps which is still pretty buttery. However, dial things back to 2560x1440 and you're looking at a frame rate of 104.55 on average. On the other hand, you could dial up image quality to Ultra High settings here and likely still maintain playable frame rates at 4K. 

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