CyberPower Trinity Xtreme Gaming PC Review: 'Unique' Is An Understatement

Metro Last Light Performance

A sequel to Metro 2033, the dark and spooky first person shooter (FPS) Metro Last Light continues the journey of Artyom. Armed to the teeth, you fight your way through monsters and hostile commandos as you search for the Dark One. Metro Last Light has some unusual gameplay features, including a health system in which you heal slowly, rather than using the typical med kit. And, because good bullets are hard to make, Metro denizens use bullets as currency.

Metro Last Light
Heavy-Duty DirectX 11 Gaming Performance
metro last light

Metro: Last Light

trinity low metro

trinity hi metro

As we mentioned earlier, the CyberPower Trinity has a single graphics card, but that card is no less than an Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X. We expected the card to fare well against other single GPUs and it seemed likely that the system would also provide real competition for some systems running lower-powered cards in SLI. To see where the Trinity stood, we included both types of systems in our comparison charts.

As you might expect, the Trinity handled Metro Last Light quite well. At 2560x1600, it offered 44fps, well above the frame rates of other single-GPU systems in our tests. The computer also gave an SLI system a run for its money. We saw similar results when we tested the Trinity at 4K.

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