Corsair Vengeance K60/M60 and K90/M90 Input Devices

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Corsair Vengeance M90 Mouse

Just as the K60 and K90 keyboards have a lot in common, the M60 and M90 mice share some DNA. They’re packing the same 5700 DPI sensor, and both can adjust the DPI in increments of 100 on the fly. Their response time settings, tracking capabilities, surface detection, lift adjustment capabilities, and low-friction underside pads are the same, and both are built on an aluminum core. The scroll wheels look identical, although the M90’s felt like it had slightly smoother action.

Whereas the M60 is a more straightforward gaming mouse, however, with strong specifications and a couple of extra features such as the sniper button, the M90’s array of additional goodies border on the excessive (in a good way).

Corsair Vengeance M90 Mouse
Specifications & Features

Response Time:


Programmable Buttons:





5700 DPI (Avago Technologies ADNS-9500
     LaserStream Gaming Sensor)
Adjustable DPI in 100 DPI increments

     (1msec/2msec/4msec/8msec response time), selectable

Up to 165 inches per second,
     up to 30g acceleration, automatic frame rate control

15, 9 side-mounted

Soft-touch surfaces and grip improving textures
Omron left and right click switches rated for eight million operations
Aluminum metal frame and base
Solid metal, weighted scroll wheel with rubberized scroll surface
Ultra Low Friction PTFE pads
USB Connector with gold plated contacts

1.8m lightweight non-tangle cable

Adjustable lift distance--five selectable levels
Surface quality detection
48KB of on-board memory for storing up to six "on the go" profiles with active profile LED

2 years


Specifically, the M90 has 15 programmable buttons--nearly twice that of the M60. In addition to the right and left buttons and scroll wheel, there’s a single button on top, two up/down toggle buttons, and nine buttons rimming the thumb area.

Somehow, Corsair nailed it on the ergonomics front, as all nine buttons are within easy reach of the thumb--or at least an average-sized adult male thumb--and it’s shockingly easy to hit each button without accidentally bumping another.


Using Corsair’s software, users can create and save (and share, import, and export) up to 50 macro profiles. However, the M90 has 48KB of onboard memory, which allows users to keep six macro profiles on the mouse itself.



When combined with the many, many programmable keys available on the K90, having 15 programmable buttons on the M90 is perhaps a bit overkill. If you can actually remember what all of your programmed keys and buttons do, we unsarcastically doff our caps to your superior brainpower.

Not to be outshone by its companion K90 keyboard, the M90 is peppered with blue backlighting; an indicator near the tip of where the thumb rests, the top button, DPI toggle buttons, and the scroll wheel all emit a cool blue glow. The Corsair logo, where the palm rests, is illuminated in white.

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