Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse Round-Up: M55, Glaive Pro, Nightsword, Ironclaw Tested

Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse Round-Up: Final Thoughts

While we have enjoyed all the mice in this roundup, and Corsair should be commended for creating a diverse line-up of devices with distinct features, some have inevitably impressed us more than others.

M55 RGB Pro

corsair m55 rgb pro left rear

Despite its low cost and lack of premium features, the M55 manages to get a lot right. Its ambidextrous design does not sacrifice comfort. It is cleverly shaped to still feel contoured. We wish it was outfitted with the better Pixart PWM3391 sensor, but the PAW3327 sensor inside is more than good enough for most users. We definitely cannot complain when it can be picked up for as little as $25 on sale.

  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • 5 Adjustable DPI Levels
  • 8 Fully-Programmable Buttons
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Compatible With Most Grip Styles
  • Aggressive Pricing
  • Thin-ish Plastic Construction
  • Not The Most Ergonomic Shape
  • Lower Quality Sensor

Ironclaw Wireless RGB

corsair ironclaw wireless rgb left rear

We are fond of the Ironclaw Wireless RGB as well. Its layout is acceptable, but not as refined as the Nightsword. The Ironclaw has been around as a wired mouse for a while now, but cutting the cord makes all the difference. We love having the freedom to use it with multiple devices without having to re-pair or move the receiver around. At under 80 bucks, it stands as a good value for those who want to clear their desk of clutter without sacrificing performance.

  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Superb 2.4 GHz Wireless Signal
  • 10 Fully-Programmable Buttons
  • 3 On-Board Profiles
  • Step Up and Down Between DPI Levels
  • Top-Of-The-Line Sensor
  • Some Awkward Button Placement
  • Bluetooth Mode Subject To Interference

Glaive RGB Pro

corsair glaive rgb pro left rear

The Glaive RGB Pro, on the other hand, left us with mixed feelings. The prospect of a shape-shifting mouse is appealing to dial in comfort. Unfortunately, we just did not find it as comfortable as the others. The replaceable grips are fine, but the Glaive's profile leaves too little palmrest for a palm grip, while positioning its buttons too high and flat to comfortably use a claw or fingertip grip without strain. The awkward placement of its side buttons do it no favors either. There is nothing wrong with this mouse technically -- its sensor is excellent and build quality is premium -- so if it fits your hand better, by all means go for it, especially when it's on-sale for under $50 (like right now). We simply feel there are more attractive options on the market.

  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Magnetically Swappable Thumb Grips
  • On-The-Fly DPI Cycling
  • Top-Of-The-Line Sensor
  • Mouse Buttons Raised High
  • Awkward Side Button Placement

Nightsword RGB

corsair nightsword rgb left rear

The standout star, in our opinion, is the $79 Nightsword RGB. This mouse provides almost everything we are looking for in a high performance gaming mouse, sans wireless capability. We love its ergonomics and sensible button layout. The weight tuning system adds a level of customization that makes a difference in how the mouse responds. We could live without the "smart" aspect of it, but it also does not get in the way. The Corsair Nightsword RGB has quickly become one of our favorite mice on the market today.

  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Easy Weight-Tuning System
  • Excellent Button Layout
  • Comfortable Shape With Thumb Rest
  • 3 On-Board Profiles
  • Top-Of-The-Line Sensor
  • Smart Part of Weight Tuning Lacks Purpose
  • Premium Pricing

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