Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse Round-Up: M55, Glaive Pro, Nightsword, Ironclaw Tested

Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse Round-Up: Click Quality

While testing the mice, we could not help but notice a difference in how easily and rapidly we could "spam" clicks. We decided to test and see if this was all in our head, or if there was indeed a measurable gap.

corsair m55 rgb pro front
Corsair M55 RGB Pro

Our quick and dirty testing consists of timing how long it takes to fire off 100 clicks using a standard mouse grip. We trialed each mouse three times and took the best result.

corsair gaming mice click rate

The Nightsword was far and away the most spammable mouse. The primary buttons curve in such a way that allows your fingers to "pull" to click like a trigger. We felt less fatigue with this mouse and were able to click at a more consistent rate as well. Even our worst run with the Nightsword bested the rest of the field at 7.28 clicks per second.

corsair nightsword rgb front grille
Corsair Nightsword RGB

The M55 and Ironclaw both felt more typical during their runs. We do not have any inherent complaints about how they feel, but we were not able to leverage the same trigger-pull technique to engage the buttons.

corsair ironclaw wireless rgb front grille
Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB

The Glaive was noticeably less comfortable, by contrast. While its click rate was not too far behind, we could feel our finger stuttering more. Its buttons have a touch more travel than the other mice and its grip does not help matters. Our fingers could not comfortably curl because of the elevated and flattened buttons which left us pulling down our entire outstretched finger to click.

corsair glaive rgb pro front grille
Corsair Glaive RGB Pro

Clicking is not the only performance metric to consider, we also need to see how well these mice track...

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