Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse Round-Up: M55, Glaive Pro, Nightsword, Ironclaw Tested

Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse Round-Up: Overview and Ergonomics

We will start our overview with the similarities. All four mice include braided USB cables. The Ironclaw's cable is removable via a microUSB port so it can charge the mouse, but is otherwise of identical quality.

Corsair Gaming Mice
Top: Nightsword RGB and Glaive RGB Pro
Bottom: M55 RGB Pro and Ironclaw Wireless RGB

If the names did not make it obvious, all four mice are decked out with RGB lighting accents. The lighting can be customized - or disabled - using Corsair's iCue software. They do differ in the number of RGB zones to configure, however. The M55 RGB Pro has only a single Corsair logo zone to configure. The Glaive RGB Pro allows users to configure the logo zone as well as side and front grilles for a total of three zones. The Nightsword RGB provides four zones covering the Corsair logo, scroll wheel, front mesh and rear mesh areas. The Ironclaw Wireless RGB steps back down to three zones for the logo, scroll wheel, and front grille.

corsair ironclaw wireless rgb icue lighting customization

All the mice use similar materials in varying quantities with the same matte black finish. The M55 understandably has the cheapest feel to it given its price point. Even still, it has nicely textured sides to improve grip and provide some soft comfort. The textured grips carry across the offerings, but the Nightsword also uses a textured palm rest. We found the texture deterred that sticky, sweaty feeling long gaming sessions can bring. The Glaive and Ironclaw both use a soft-touch plastic finish on the palm area which gives them a subtly better feel than the M55's plain plastic.

corsair nightsword rgb top full
Corsair Nightsword RGB

The Nightsword has the best shape of the mice we tested here. It is ergonomically contoured in a way that fits hands large and small very comfortably. It has a winged thumb rest which cradles nicely. We found the Nightsword to be most comfortable with a hybrid claw grip where your palm is resting on it but your fingers are arched.

corsair glaive rgb pro top full
Corsair Glaive RGB Pro with Small Thumb Grip

Ironically, we were not as fond of the shape of the Glaive, regardless of which thumb grip we used. The palm rest is small which favors a claw or fingertip grip, but then the mouse buttons are higher and flatter which favors a palm grip. 

corsair ironclaw wireless rgb top full
Corsair Ironclaw Wireless RGB

The Ironclaw's shape is most similar to the Nightsword, minus the winged thumb rest. It is noticeably thinner, so users with large hands may not find as much comfort with a palm grip. For average and smaller hands, either a palm grip or a claw grip can work well with this mouse though.

corsair m55 rgb pro top full
Corsair M55 RGB Pro

Finally, the M55 sports a very different design. The ambidextrous shape is less ergonomic than a handed mouse could be, but we did not find it to be uncomfortable. It is also on the narrow end of the spectrum, but we found its concave sides to be amenable to a variety of grip styles. It feels best to us with a palm grip, but its small size and light weight also makes a claw or fingertip grip doable. The primary buttons are clickable for over a third of its length so there is a lot of latitude to shift the mouse in your hand as you see fit.

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