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Performance Summary: After using the Flash Padlock for the last several days, we have been quite pleased with its performance in regards to security. We feel very confident that our data is safe when its stored on the Padlock. On the other hand, the performance in regards to transfer rates left something to be desired.

We like it when we see companies use simple tools, like combination locks and PINs, to provide good solutions to complex problems, like keeping data safe. Corsair designed the Flash Padlock to protect data, and we feel it does that well. The drive performed as expected every time. What it lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in security.

One other thing we like about the Flash Padlock is the PIN registration and recovery web site that Corsair designed for Padlock users. Hopefully, users will actually utilize this free service to help reduce the chance of ending up with an unusable Flash Padlock.

In addition to the Padlock's transfer rate performance, the two other aspects we'd like to see Corsair improve upon are the drive's large physical size and its relatively small capacity. It's more than twice as big physically as many of our favorite flash drives, but it is only available with 1GB or 2GB of storage space. Fortunately, the 2GB version is only around $30. Still, we hope Corsair releases larger capacity Padlocks soon.

With that said, we still would strongly recommend the Corsair Flash Padlock to anyone who wants a simple way to protect his or her data from prying eyes.

•  Self-contained authentication, no drivers required!
•  Easy to use
•  Good manual included
•  Good support web site available
•  Good price for great security
•  Physically Large 
•  Only small capacities available currently
•  Transfer rate performance could be better

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