CES 2010 Highlight Wrap-Up In Pictures and Video


As much as we would like to provide complete coverage from all of the companies demoing products at CES, the event is simply too large. We would need an army of journalists and a double wide trailer parked in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center in order to provide that kind of analysis (just a small hint for those looking to invest). The general consensus among HotHardware editors in attendance concedes that this year's show was bigger and better than the previous year with noticeably more people on hand and more exciting new products on display. For the Las Vegas and US economy in general, that's great news. Unfortunately for us, this situation created a hectic environment that resulted in a few headaches along the way.  Regardless, we prevailed, rolled with the punches as they came and finished the week off strong.   

Although this is our official wrap up of CES 2010 coverage, we still have a few topics to cover in the upcoming weeks that we are presently unable to share. Yes, we really dug a lot of the products we saw at the show, but take it from us, the best is yet to come. Do yourself a favor and keep checking back in the weeks ahead as we get some serious hands-on time with the products that were previewed at this year's CES.  We'll be here to give you more insight on the hottest technologies on the market that are waiting in the wings.

A nice plate of Sushi made everything right - Team HH members, Marco, Mat and Dave (left to right)

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