CES 2010 Highlight Wrap-Up In Pictures and Video

LG, Panasonic, Sharp

Life is good for LG nowadays. The South Korean conglomerate produces all sorts of stuff that geeks love, including HDTVs, cell phones, monitors, NAS devices, optical drives, and netbooks. Here's what we saw on the show floor.

LG's Thin Bezeled Infinia Displays - Stunning

We didn't spend much time with LG, but we did take a few seconds to capture some shots of their awe-inspiring Infinia showcase. With at least 100 screens spanning the entire wall while showing a single scene, LG definitely turned a lot of heads at CES. 

Panasonic's 3D Full HD

If you don't mind sitting in your living room while wearing 3D glasses all night long, we have great news for you. The combination of high definition and 3D technology was everywhere at CES and companies are doing their best to make it mainstream for 2010. Panasonic's booth featured the TC-PVT25 series, a new 3D compatible HDTV due out this spring with super cool 3D glasses included.  

Sharp's Solar Powered Car

To demonstrate their commitment to unique and innovative and environmentally friendly technology, Sharp had the Tokai Solar Car on hand that featured triple junction solar cells. Not limited to just calculators, Sharp solar products can be found in residential products as well as commercial applications.  

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