CES 2010 Highlight Wrap-Up In Pictures and Video

Dell and CyberPower

Dell had one of the more impressive suites we visited at CES this year. Once we got through several check points and quickly devoured our made-to-order omelets, we got down to business. Check out what the tech giant had to show.

Dell's Multi-touch Studio 17 Notebook

Continuing our coverage of Dell / Alienware, we saw the Studio 17 featuring Intel's Core i7 processor and touch screen interface. Dell integrated a multi-touch function that creates a unique experience for users and a sure way to impress friends and family. Also, we got to check out the new 16:9 UltraSharp U2711 monitor that comes with an IPS panel, 2560x1440 resolution, and a ton of connection options. The monitor will start at a price of $1049.     

CyberPower's Custom Built Systems

CyberPower is a custom system builder that provides its customers with the latest computer gear at relatively affordable prices in comparison to some other boutique builders. During CES, we got a sneak peak at their product line up which was located in a suite in the Palazzo Hotel. Eddie Vong showed off systems priced for the mainstream gamer to the extreme enthusiast. On hand was a red themed, watercooled AMD Dragon rig as well as their top of the line Black Mamba machine. Keep an eye out for more CyberPower systems to hit our lab for review in 2010, while a lucky forum member will be able to win one of these beasts very soon. All we can say is keep posting!   

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