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UT2004 and Doom3

Unreal Tournament 2004
DirectX 8 Gaming Performance

To start our in-game testing, we did some low-resolution benchmarking with Unreal Tournament 2004.  When testing with UT 2004, we use a specific set of game engine initialization settings that ensure all of the systems are being benchmarked with the exact same in-game settings and graphical options.  Like the other in-game tests in this review, we used a "Low-Quality" graphical settings and low screen resolution which isolates CPU and memory performance.

With an average framerate above 100fps, each system proves more than capable of handling this popular title. Thanks to ample bandwidth, support for all but the fastest (ie: Extreme Edition) processors, and a full x16 PCI-E slot for an advanced graphics card the iDEQ 350G has features that'll please nearly any gaming enthusiast.


Benchmarks with Doom 3
OpenGL Gaming Performance

For our next game test, we benchmarked all of the test systems using a custom multi-player Doom 3 timedemo. We cranked the resolution down to 640 x 480, and configured the game to run at its "Low-Quality" graphics setting. Although Doom 3 typically taxes today's high-end GPUs, when it's configured at these minimal settings it too is more CPU and memory-bound than anything else.

Games such as Doom3 will instantly take advantage of the SFF system's x16 PCI-E slot. Thankfully, the iDEQ 350G's 300W PSU should be strong enough to shoehorn all but the fastest (and most power-hungry) graphics cards. In practice, our GeForce 6600 fit with ample room leaving us confident that you could squeeze at least a GeForce 6800GT or ATI equivalent into the system for a truly ideal gaming experience in a small form factor.

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